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Save money

and get more

phone fuctionality!

With the power of a

Internet Enabled

Phone System

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Data Center West has the expertise, solutions and support to increase your phone productivity while at the same time reducing your cost.

  • Increased productivity - Received and make call from anywhere you have good internet access.  Improve communication and responsiveness.
  • Reduce monthly phone cost - Most businesses save 40 to 60 percent off their current phone bill.
  • Increased scalability - Scale the phone system with little to no upfront cost.  Change monthly services with one simple call.
  • Lower ongoing tech support cost - Outsourced support costs you less.
  • No cost phone - Use your laptop or computer as phone.
  • Low to no capital cost - Hosted server, no computer to purchase.
  • Increase business operating capital - Less upfront & ongoing cost.
  • Reduced deployment cost .  Standardized equipment costs less and easy to obtain.

You can keep your phone numbers when converting to an internet phone system.  You can also order new local numbers or phone numbers with area codes outside of your local area.  All numbers support caller ID including your name.  Here are just a few examples of system features:

Be Connected Anywhere:

Now you can have a full-featured office extension almost anywhere!  The Remote Phone Feature is perfect for executives working from home, temporary field offices, departmental teleworkers or off-site employees . With all the features and functions of in-office extensions, your remote phone will a be fully intelligent anywhere extention.

Call Forwarding / Find Me:

Calls that come in to your office extension can easily be rerouted. Choose to have the call forwarded to a number of your choice, or tell it to ring a list of numbers until it finds you.

Auto Attendant:

Easily create your own audio greetings, customize simple or complex menu structures, provide callers with dial-by-name options, and create rules for out of office hours and holidays.

Conference Calls:

Set up designated meeting rooms and security access rulesfor conference calls through an easy to use web administration screen. For a quick conference call just pick up the phone and create a conference call on the fly.