Business Class Email Cost

business email smBusiness Class Email Microsoft Exchange Server is the most widely deployed business-class messaging and collaboration solution in the world. Used by over 100 million business people, this powerful software system combines advanced email with shared calendars, contacts, public folders, and task management features to enhance individual and team productivity.

However Microsoft Exchange Server is an expensive, complex server to install and manage. Data Center West's hosted KerioConnect reduces all of the above issues while providing a full featured exchange server connection.

  • Not just email, it’s a groupware server
    Email. Contacts. Calendars. Notes. Synchronizes groupware data with Outlook, Entourage, WebMail and mobile devices. Shared and public folders. Free/busy schedule. Users can easily access and share their email data, contacts, and calendars, and connect to public email folders using the leading business groupware clients for Macs and PCs.
  • Direct Push for Windows Mobile phones Native support for direct push email and PIM synchronization for Windows Mobile and Palm phones without extra cost. Uses wireless Microsoft ActiveSync® protocol.
  • Simplified administration and support
    Unlike Data Center West's hosted KerioConnect, Exchange requires a Windows server operating system, Active Directory and IIS web server.
  • Backup and archiving
    Administrators can backup all user data and server configuration to another server or storage device for easy recovery. For legal and compliance purposes, data center exchange clone mail server allows companies to archive all incoming and outgoing messages as they are delivered.
  • iCal and Address Book
    data center exchange clone mail server allows Mac users to subscribe and publish calendars from iCal and
  • Lower migration costs
    Unlike Exchange, migration to Data Center West's hosted KerioConnect does not require the installation and management of Active Directory.
  • Better licensing options
    Data Center West's hosted KerioConnect licensing program is very simple and significantly more cost effective for customers compared to Microsoft's Volume Licensing 6.0 and Software Assurance.
  • Higher security
    No integrated virus and spam filtering makes Exchange users more vulnerable to downtime or loss of emails. Data Center West's hosted KerioConnect comes as a comprehensive security package with anti-virus and anti-spam running from first start up.

Supported Outlook/Mac Clients
Data Center West's hosted KerioConnect supports the following versions of the MS Outlook/Mac:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2007
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010
  • Microsoft Outlook 2013
  • Microsoft Outlook 2016
  • Entourage

Migrated items
Kerio Connect migration tool imports the following items into the KerioConnect mail server directly:

  • users
  • emails
  • contacts
  • calendars
  • tasks

Hosting your email server is an innovative approach and offloads internal IT departments which helps companies focus on their core business functions. (This model is known as "application service providing," or ASP, delivery model.) The hosted exchange server (clone) approach saves companies for needing to purchase addition software and hardware and maintenance to an online pay-as-you-go, pay-as-you-need service.

Sample screen view:

 Kerio Webmail View

For a free test account or for more information,
Call Data Center West (541) 326-4212

Kerio Connect mail server mailbox monthly cost per user:
7.99/ea. 5GB disk space*
*Additional disk space/email storage $2.00 per GB


For over 10 mailboxes we recommend a dedicated virtual server with the Kerio Connect mail server software installed.

Virtual server price per month: $50 - includes 30GB disk space and Centos OS.

Kerio Connect Deluxe mail server software -- Call For Pricing.

"I moved to Data Center West's Hosted Kerio Connect ... and love it. My employees also love it and it has been a huge success."