Wireless services will allow you to connect to the internet at broadband speeds without the need for a phone or cable line.  This is not a satelite system rather a direct point-to-point connection to one of our wireless towers.

Download & Bursting Range
Upload & Bursting Range
Monthly Rate
512Kbps to 1Mbps 256Kbps to 512Kbps $19.99/mo
1.5Mbps to 3Mbps 768Kbps to 1.5Mbps $34.99/mo
3Mbps  to 6Mbps 1.5Mbps to 3Mbps $54.99/mo
5Mbps  to 10Mbps 2Mbps to 4Mbps $64.99/mo


  • The radio can be switched from routing to bridging if you need direct access to your internal routing equipment for $10/mo.
  • Additional IP addresses can be delivered to bridged accounts for $10/mo each.

Equipment installation and agreement:
Data Center West will do best effort site check for new installations. Installer will setup the internet connection, router, computer and email. Email addresses can be your own domain, @CCountry.net or @medfordoregon.com.

Data Center West will collect $99 or $125* payment to be transferred to the installers who will provide equipment and install the service. The equipment agreement is a 3-year contract stating that equipment is to be returned if service terminated.

*Equipment for the Mt Baldy node is more expensive so requires a $125 install.

Cancellation Charges:
If an installer comes onsite to setup and test the installation and there is a no one onsite or no installation cancellation, a $75 fee will be charges for the dispatch.

Disconnect procedure:
Contact info click here. Required 3 months minimum service.

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Wireless broadband benefits:

  • Reduce Your Expenses: Wireless costs you less than traditional land-based lines. When you choose wireless, your "last mile" or "local loop" telephone company fees are eliminated because you no longer pay extra fees for the telephone company to reach your location, fees that can amount to 50% or more of your Internet expenses. T1's or DS-3s are usually much more expensive than wireless.
  • Primary or Back-up Connection: Use Wireless as your primary connection to the Internet or as a separate path to the Internet if your main connection fails. With traditional wired services, activities outside of your control (ex. construction occurring outside of your building) could trigger downtime for your office LAN or VPN.
  • Scalable Speed: Within minutes, your Internet broadband bandwidth can be upgraded to higher speeds up to 10 Mbps via a simple email to us at any time. Since the telephone company is not involved, upgrades occur much faster.
  • Redundancy: Wireless acts as a separate path to the Internet if your main connection fails. If your land-based connection goes down, Wireless continues to stay up. Diversification of your Internet connection allows your network to stay up and running.
  • Customer Support: The finest customer support within the industry. Our Network Management Center is staffed with expert technicians.
  • Greater Bandwidth: Faster Internet speeds than a T1 with speeds up to 10Mbps Other technologies are constrained to the size limit of a T1 at 1.54 Mbps, but Data Center West can offer you greater speeds and scalable bandwidth as you continue to grow.
  • Serves "Hard-to-Reach" Areas: Wireless is ideal for businesses in areas that cannot get other types of Internet service.