Why Online Backup



While tape backup may protect you from hardware failure, it does nothing to help you with an office disaster such as fire or theft.

Using Offsite Backup to store your critical data provides you with the peace of mind afforded by having that data archived away from your office.


It is sad but true that hardware fails, always at the wrong time, and always catastrophically. Imagine the shock of retrieving your backup tape, placing it in the drive, and finding that the data is corrupt.

Your IntelaVault software verifies every transfer and ensures data validity. Furthermore, all files archived with IntelaVault are stored on mirrored disk servers.


In-office backup methods always include an element of human intervention, ranging from changing a tape through manually transferring files to troubleshooting backup problems. Many times backup are missed or failed.

To setup the automatic backup; load the software onto the computer in your office that is connected to the Internet, assign the directories for backup, setup the schedule, email notifications/reporting and you are covered.


Offsite backups scalable. A solution that can grow as your company's needs grow. With no up front costs and only a monthly service charge based on archived space used, it is a cost efficient solution for offsite backup. Many major corporations have chosen offsite Internet backups as a efficient, flexible, and secure backup method.