VOIP phone systems come to Southern Oregon


Voice over IP communications (VoIP) phone ads can be seen everywhere.  Many companies can now connect your home or business phone lines to the internet using VoIP.  Instead of having to manage multiple wires and computer systems you now use just one.  This is called convergence.  This is quite a big deal for not only the average home owner, but much more advantagous for businesses and schools as this has the potential for saving big dollars.

This "All over one wire" approach  not only reduces communications costs by not having to purchase a new phone system, but also enabling employees and customers to communicate more effectively, which translates into greater productivity.

Installed during the first quarter of 2011, Southern Oregon data center Data Center West, is now hosting in the Rogue Valley, VoIP phone systems.   This new system ends the search for local enterprise VoIP telephony solution.  World class business telephone solutions, are now being delivered as Voice Over Internet solutions right here in Southern Oregon.  About 60 percent of the installed business phone system are 'antiquated'.  Costing businesses more to operate and manage.  Total lower cost of ownership, flexible feature, highly scalable and local supported technology are the key advantages.

Phones start as low as $50 each and can be plugged in anywhere you have reliable internet service.  Per minutine long distance cost range between 2.9 cents per minute to as low as .006 cents per minute.  Per line cost range between $15 and $7 per line.

Contact: David Hand at 541 326-4212 #1