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DellPowerEdge2950 sm
Southern Oregon rack space and falling hardware prices make building the private computer cloud more affordable.

As computer hardware prices continue to fall, the cost of owning your own private computer cloud becomes more attactive.   Companies that are using large national shared computer cloud networks services often find that between their lack of total server control and poor server performance, their expected cost savings have more than disappeared.   Data Center West is bringing together very affordable dedicated powerfull enterprise servers, smart-hands support and hot spare equipment, at one very compeditive price.   The Dell PowerEdge 2950 server, a well known industry work-horse server which had a starting cost of $5072.00, but is now availble to power a private cloud for just $100 per month*.  Power and performance that 1000's of companies relied on, available to drive your business today.

Building a 21st Century Economy: Del Norte California Economic Summit

DelNorteSummit 2012 sm

The Crescent City-Del Norte County Chamber of Commerce hosted it annual economic conference event on Aril 12th, 2012.  Charter Communications invited Data Center West to particpate in the dialog, where Bill Refore (Economic Director) annouced the construction of the self healing fiber ring is likely to be completed this year.  The project cost is anticipated to be $925,678, with 85 percent of the funding coming from the federal government and the remaining 15 percent to come from network operations.

Second fiber ring installed to data center


CharterTruck sm

Charter Communications has completed the installation of a fiber ring into Data Center West.   Charter now has a redundant fiber  connection connected to Southern Oregon Northern California Access Exchange and to the largest neutral data center in the State of Jefferson.  Charter is looking to the future with this diverse path;

VOIP phone systems come to Southern Oregon



Voice over IP communications (VoIP) phone ads can be seen everywhere.  Many companies can now connect your home or business phone lines to VoIP.  All over one wire.  Instead of having to manage multiple wires and computer systems you now use just one.  This is called convergence.  This is quite a big deal for not only the average home owner, but much more advantagous for businesses and schools as this has the potential for saving big dollars.

CenturyLink makes the connection

CenturyLink sm

CenturyLink after acquiring Qwest in 2011, launched a $45 million broadband improvement project in Oregon.  Crews fanned out over east Medford in an area roughly bounded by Delta Waters Road to the north, Hillcrest Road to the south, Crater Lake Avenue to the west and Foothill Road to the east. CenturyLink estimates the project will continue through 2016 and likely into 2017, taking in Ashland, Talent and other area markets.

Southern Oregon Live - With Russ Batzer

southernoregonliveSouthern Oregon Live - With Russ Batzer of KCMX AM 880, Southern Oregon Live radio show interviews guest David Hand, Chief Information Officer for Data Center.  Russ Batzer of KCMX AM 880, Southern Oregon Live radio show interviews guest David Hand, Chief Information Officer for Data Center West Inc. in Medford.